C64 Tribute Watch Face for Wear OS by Google depicts the legendary colours of the C64 as well as its iconic font. If you run the app on your smartphone or tablet a simple clock is shown.
TKWeek is a versatile date and calendering tool. It once started as a simple conversion app between a date and its corresponding week number, but has gained a lot of features since then.
Min Time is a countdown app. It's main goal is to help you structure your talks and presentations. It divides the talk time into three phases: green, yellow and red. With a glimpse you get an idea how much time is left. For example, a 70 minutes talk could be divided into 50, 15 and 5 minute segments. Once started, Min Time counts down from 70 to 0, changing colours and vibrating when a new phase is reached. During presentation you can switch to other apps. The app is intentionally kept simple. Just a few taps and you are ready to give your talk. No advertisements. Pure and simple. A minimalistic timer. To finish your presentations and tasks just in time. To set green, orange or red time, use the +/- symbols OR touch the current time and swipe left or right.
TKBirthdayReminder is a birthday list. The app includes a widget for the Android home screen. Once a day you receive notifications about upcoming birthdays. The birthday dates are stored in your Google Contacts.
Tommis Simple Time Calculator is a simple time calculator. Easily add and subtract hours and minutes. Enter up to three digits to provide only minutes. For example 90 is interpreted as 1 hour 30 minutes. Enter exactly four digits to provide hours and minutes. For example 0030 is interpreted as 30 minutes.


Clip4Moni is a small utility that manages text snippets. Text snippets are frequently used pieces of text. Instead of countlessly re-typing, for example, a greeting message, legal information or your address, just choose it from a small menu. The corresponding text is put on the system clipboard. Then use PASTE in the destination application to have the text or phrase inserted. Clip4Moni is written in Java.
MoniCopy is an easy to use folder copy app written in Java and JavaFX. The app is released under the Apache-2.0 License.
TKMacTuning aims to help you configure macOS. It is written in Java and JavaFX and is published under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence version 3. I started working on TKMacTuning in 2008, but it soon got buried under a pile of other projects. Originally the app was planned to use Swing accompanied by the reference implementations of JSR-295 (Beans Binding) and JSR-296 (Swing Application Framework). You still can see that in the earliest commits. Sigh. Those were the days... Anyway, sometime I decided to do some JavaFX programming. I figured it might be a good idea to revive the project. It has grown quite a bit since then.